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Door Repair

Garage Door Repair & Installation In the

Greater Toronto Area


Door repair

Why Do You Need Door Repair Services?

A Garage door is an essential part of every house as it increases your house’s curb appeal. An attractive garage door will attract the eye of everyone who passes by. A beautiful, durable garage or entry door does not only add beauty to the house; they also provide greater security to your home. Sometimes, it is damaged or broken due to its regular use or worst weather, which can impact your home’s security. On the other hand, a malfunctioned door can also affect your home’s value whenever you try to sell it. In such situations, you need professional garage door repair services to ensure the door’s optimal performance and security of your home. Sometimes, a minute issue can grow into something big that costs you a huge amount of money.  Our experts at Maple leaf locksmith and door assist you with the best garage door or door repair services.

Why Choose Us

If you live in Toronto, and suddenly your garage door stops working, then finding reliable garage door services in Toronto is very hard. No need to worry when Maple Leaf Locksmiths and Door are here. Whenever you call us, we will provide you with a professional to perform garage door repairs at your location to help you with garage door services quickly.

We also provide emergency garage door services as we understand that doors issues can sometimes happen at inconvenient times, so instead of taking unnecessary risks in emergencies, call us to bring your door back to working order. We are the leading garage door services company in Toronto, and we provide high-quality services at competitive rates.

Urgent Support

We are available 24/7, and our experts are one phone call away.

Garage door installation

We have all the modern equipment and guarantee you a perfect solution at a price that fits your budget!

Licensed & Insured

Award Winning Service

We offer long term and ongoing door installation and repair services in Toronto.

Door repair

Our Door Repair Services

If you are a Toronto resident, and your home door door is stuck midway, you do not have to go anywhere to provide the best services related to doors and their problems. Maple leaf locksmith and doors provide your one-stop solution for all your door needs. We work with highly trained locksmiths and technicians to deliver a wide range of door services, including emergency lockout service, lock installation & repair service, commercial door services, peephole Installation, car trunk lockouts service, safe lockout service, car key replacement services, and whatnot. Client’s 100% satisfaction is our top priority, and you can feel assured knowing you are getting the best services in Toronto with Maple Leaf Locksmith and Door. We also provide top-notch emergency automatic doors operators services to ensure the complete safety of your business!

Our Garage Door Services

In addition to providing door repair services, we also provide a variety of local garage door repair services, which include garage door springs, panel, openers, track, roller, endplates replacement, and installation services. Our skilled garage door experts are equipped with modern equipment that perfectly services any garage door. So if you need to repair or install the garage door, we have all the experience to service all your garage door needs. Whether it’s for a residential garage door or a commercial building, we can provide the required garage door services to fit your needs and budget. Our experts first determine the type of door you have installed, then after thoroughly analyzing, they provide you with reliable garage door services and ensure you receive what you desire!

If you need any type of local garage door repairs, put your trust in Maple Leaf Locksmith and Door who ensure that the job is done correctly and quickly.

Our experts will be more than happy to provide you garage door and door repair services in Toronto!

Call us today, and we will be there in just a few moments!

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