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Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Services


Are you searching for all categories of services related to Garage Doors in Toronto?  If yes, then you are in the right place. You might know this fact that a rightly chosen garage door changes the house’s overall look by adding charm, style, and property value to the home.

Garage Door Repair

Why our Garage Door Services?

A garage door indicates a lot about your sense of style, but it is common for all family members, so it experiences damages. Seasonal changes also affect it.  The garage door or its accessories can go fault due to any reason. Most people go DIY or call naive technicians just to save a few bucks. Maple Leaf Locksmith and Door are the team of professionals in Toronto for automatic garage doors installations and repair. We are a trustworthy company in Toronto to provide all other types of garage doors installations and repair. 

Types of Garage Door we service

When you have decided to buy a new garage door, you will see plenty of options in the market. Choose that option that is best suited to your taste. A rightly selected garage door will be an attractive feature of your residence. Whatever type of garage door you choose as a homeowner, Maple leaf locksmith and Door offer its installation, maintenance, repair and even replacement. We service all major garage door types, including the following:​

  • Up and over garage doors

  • Sectional garage doors

  • Roller garage doors

  • Automatic garage doors

Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Services we provide

Garage door spring 

Garage door springs are an essential part of the garage doors because they are essential for the garage door’s efficient working. A garage door usually has two types of springs named: 

  • Torsion springs 

  • Extension springs 

These two kinds of springs account for the efficient raising and lowering of the garage door. But like most of the things in the world, springs can get damaged, break or crack. Maple Leaf Locksmith and Door list some possible factors responsible for the spring damage, including wear and tear, corrosion, rust,  less usage of lubricants and low maintenance.

Suppose you are experiencing all this and need garage door spring repair in Toronto Maple Leaf Locksmith and Door professionals help your back.

Garage Door Repair
Garage Door Repair

Garage door panel

A garage door has almost 3 to 8 panels. Harsh weather conditions like wind, rain, heavy showers can damage the garage door panels. Sometimes your vehicle can be a negative factor. It can damage the panel at the time of going in and out. If garage door panels are damaged, replace them in the priority. But there are few things to check before garage door panel repair in Toronto, including the number of damaged panels, extent of damage, and check if the relevant manufacturer is producing new panels. Maple Leaf Locksmith and Door Is offering all garage door panel services. We will see the condition of your panel and help you in making a decision. If you go with repair or replacement, we will provide you garage door panel installation and garage door panel replacement in Toronto.

Garage door end plate

Sometimes garage door end plates need replacement. One crucial indication sign is extreme noise. If you opt for replacing garage door springs in Toronto, you should also consider replacing end plates. Because replacing both at the same time is a good thing.  But sometimes, only the end plates are problematic in terrible conditions while springs are intact. Call Maple leaf locksmith and Door technicians; they will replace the endplates and put springs back.

Garage Door Repair

Garage door track 

Garage door tracks can be faulty, too; there are many reasons behind garage door track problems. One clear indication of the garage door track’s terrible shape is that it will cause screeching and scraping noise. Tracks are not the same for all types of garage doors. Faults may happen if you use old tracks for the new garage doors. Due to this reason, the garage door can fall suddenly. We are sure you want to avoid all these problems and need garage door track replacement. Maple leaf locksmith and Door in Toronto have a solution to your problem. Now, Garage door track replacement in Toronto is easy because of the Maple leaf locksmiths.

Garage Door Repair
Garage Door Repair

Garage door cables

Core elements and connecting networks of garage door systems are garage door cables. Rusted cables cause breaks of cables. Cable jumping can affect the balance of the door by negatively affecting the garage door panels. These issues must be solved at the right time; otherwise, you will pay a high cost of replacement and extended damage to the overall garage door working system. Maple leaf locksmiths recommend you to have an instant repair of broken cables with our skilled technicians. Call us today for garage door cables services in Toronto.

Garage Door Repair

Garage door roller 

Garage door rollers are the moving parts of the garage doors. Proper functioning of garage door rollers is mandatory for efficient closing and opening of garage doors. Rollers must spin freely around the shaft without shaking. But if garage door rollers have malfunctioned, Maple leaf locksmith and Door professionals with decades of experience can get it fixed correctly.  They will provide efficient garage door roller services in Toronto after analyzing the type of rollers.

Our Automatic Garage Door Services

Maintenance of automatic garage doors is the most overlooked aspect of garage doors. Various problems can happen to reduce your reputation among visitors if you too overlook this aspect. The use of automatic garage doors is extensive. If you fail to maintain and repair automatic garage doors, you are not ensuring a safe environment around your place. You must ensure safety and security by regularly inspecting the working of automatic garage doors.  Maple leaf locksmith and Door have certified professionals who will carry out necessary operations to ensure your automatic garage doors are perfectly safe. Our automatic garage door lock and handle repair services will surely leave you satisfied.

Garage Door Repair

Maple Leaf Locksmith and Door provide you with the one-stop solution for all your problems associated with garage door and garage door accessories.

We are also experts in providing garage door locks services and locks for security shutters and grills. You can put trust in us with our additional garage door security solutions.

We are at your services and can assist you 24/7 with our garage door repair services in Toronto.

Tell us about your project today.

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