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Automatic Doors

Automatic Doors


As the pandemic situation continues, and life does not seem to stop, people have gradually started to adapt to new techniques to avoid the virus and get going with their daily lives.

One of the many such items which have made things a lot easier are automatic doors.

Automatic doors have long been here. However, their use became more common in the pandemic situation because everybody has been trying to avoid physical touching with things.

As many businesses keep running, they need automatic doors to install in their system.

This decreases the chances of viral spreading.

Automatic Doors

So if you are a business looking for automatic doors, you’ve just found the perfect place!

We provide a wide variety of automatic doors at affordable prices with no compromise over the quality. 


We also install and repair these doors for you. 


Here’s what we have got for you in our range of automatic doors.

Automatic Door Operators

The automatic door opener is a type of device which helps in opening the door, pausing and closing the door automatically.

Automatic door openers can be installed on the existing doors to automate their operations. 


Automatic door openers are widely used in hospitals, schools, restaurants, and many other commercial as well as residential buildings.


We install, repair and maintain all types of automatic door operators both for residential and commercial properties

Universal Washroom Doors

We also provide a wide range of universal washroom doors with efficient security systems.

This is especially useful in public areas where specific washrooms are needed to be used by special people only. 


It is challenging for elderly people or disabled people to open, close and pass through the doors. With the help of such a  system give them more physical independence to enter or exit a residential or commercial building.

Automatic doors
Automatic Doors
Automatic Doors

Residential Automatic Handicap Doors

Residential automatic handicap doors are the need of the day. Many people have not started to install automatic doors in their homes.


Residential automatic handicap doors provide accessibility to your dear ones in every corner of your house. They no longer have to need someone to enter or exit. Residential automatic handicap doors provide these people with full independence to move into the house. 

We provide you with the best quality residential automatic handicap doors at the most affordable prices.  We install and repair a wide range of automatic handicap  doors all over Toronto.

There’s a huge variety to choose from.

Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding doors slide smoothly across the door panel and leave a long-lasting impression on the visitor. Our automatic sliding doors are available at the most affordable prices for our customers right from purchase to its installation and repair.

Automatic Doors

Push Button Door Openers

Push-button door openers provide convenience to both elderly patients and kids; they are great for facilities where there is an abundance of people of such ages.

Automatic Doors

Automatic Folding Doors

Automatic folding doors can easily be used in small spaces. They are one of the most common types of doors, the fold instead of swinging open. They add an extra touch to your place.

Automatic Doors

Automatic Door Operators

Automatic door operators can be installed on doors for the purposes of opening and closing them automatically. 

Handicap Accessible Doors

We install a wide range of handicap accessible doors all over Toronto. There’s a huge variety to choose from, and the rates are reasonable as well.

Residential Automatic Doors

Residential automatic doors are the need of the day. Many people have not started to install automatic doors in their homes. We provide you with the best quality residential automatic doors at the most affordable prices.

Automatic Swing Doors

Automatic swing doors have the tendency to fit in almost all spaces. Our automatic swing doors are made to provide both convenience and durability to the users.

Balanced Sliding Doors

Balance sliding doors are most like automatic sliding doors; they are very convenient and require less effort. Their power efficiency and aesthetics makes them a great choice for many spaces.

ICU Doors

We also provide the services of ICU doors, right from the sale to installation and repair.

Low Energy Doors

Place where you wish for the maximum energy conservation, low energy doors are the best option; there is a wide variety to choose from at our platform.

Telescope Doors

All telescopic doors are highly reliable and user-friendly, and they come in a wide range of designs and finishes to choose from. They are perfect for small spaces.

Bi-Folding Doors

By folding, doors are a very practical and interactive solution for all types of commercial buildings like shopping centers, shops, plazas, offices, etc. They are secure and durable.

Install, Repair and Maintain
Automatic Doors

Contact Us Today To Get Your Automatic Door!

So if you wish to get an automatic door for your residential or commercial spot, then do not hesitate to contact Maple Leaf Locksmith and Doors.

Let us guide you to the best door for your business and help you install it right away!

We guarantee our experts will provide the best service

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